A nanny is a professional that provides care for your child (or children) within your own home.
There are a number of advantages to employing a nanny, which include:

  • your child or children are cared for in a familiar environment, meaning that their routine is not disrupted, by having to travel to a childcare setting.
  • your child or children can form a close, one-to-one relationship with their carer in your own home and has their own toys, books, food and so on, close at hand
  • you have a high degree of control over your child’s routine, diet, activities and play environment
  • nannies can offer more flexible hours than some other forms of childcare, including evening babysitting, looking after your child when you’re away, or even going with you on holiday
  • they can care for poorly children at home, and can offer extra support for disabled children with tailored care, specific to the child’s needs.

The salary paid to nannies can vary considerably depending on factors such as the duties involved in the role, the number and ages of children, and the experience of selected candidate.

Maternity Nurses

A maternity nurse is someone that comes to your home after your baby is born, to help with the first few weeks or months of a newborn baby’s life. They are an ideal resource for supporting first time mothers, helping to establish a form of routine when it comes to the baby’s feeding and sleeping patterns, and can equally be of great assistance to busy households where there are existing siblings,

A maternity nurse will understand the impact that a new baby can have on the family as a whole and they will be able to offer advice on the mother’s diet, rest and general wellbeing. In situations where the mother has undergone a Caesarean Section delivery, a maternity nurse can be extremely helpful to assist in caring for the baby, so that mum can recuperate from the operation.

Emergency Nannies

Should your existing childcare option become unavailable, finding a reliable quality temporary nanny at short notice, can be incredibly stressful, Teddy Bear Nannies can source an emergency nanny for your requirements at short notice.

For your peace of mind, any emergency nanny provided,will meet our company’s strict standards.

Night Nannies

New parents may sometimes be looking for someone to come in at night, to take over the responsibility for the baby,to allow the parents catch-up on much needed sleep.

Night nannies – also known as newborn specialists – can assist in establishing a good night routine and feeding schedules, which in turn helps to get your baby sleeping through the night.

Typically employed for between four weeks and up to three months for single births (often longer if there are multiples), depending on the number of nights each week a night nanny is required. Some parents opt for fixed regular arrangements, such as every other night, whilst some for ad-hoc nights as needed.